Down In Mississippi

Miss Angel - Vocals
Shawn Kellerman - Guitar, bass, drums
Matt Weidinger - Hammond B-3, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Organ Bass on track #12
Mel Brown - Keyboards and Guitar on track #6
Additional vocals on track #7 - Sonja Jordan, Alexis McCrary, Anne Bukhalter, Sister Josie Murry

Special Guest:
Lucky Peterson - Hammond B-3 on track #9

Produced by Shawn Kellerman
Executive Producer: Miss Angel
Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Kellerman
Album Design: Gary Collver

Electro-Fi 3446
Audio Sample

Down In Mississippi
Say It Ain't So
Honey Boo
I Like Your Soul
You Know You Were Wrong
It's A Bad Night To Be A Stray Dog
Thank You Lord


Born With Five Senses
This Train
Don't You Feel My Leg
This Love
16 Tons
Blues In The Alley

When I was 16 years old I first saw Mel Brown play and was mesmerized. I met him 2 years later in my living room when he walked into our house party jam that my father hosted for many years at Christmas. Mel said (in the lowest voice ever… i.e. Barry White) “I just moved to Canada”.

Ever since then it was the Mel Brown sound that was my muse… my focus to be a better player. Recording with, and playing his Gibson Super 400 on this CD is my tribute to him, and to be able to collaborate with his wife Angel… well… that was just the right thing to do.

Shawn Kellerman

When Miss Angel and Shawn approached me about releasing “Down in Mississippi” I was delighted to say yes. I’ve had the pleasure to know Miss Angel since 1998, and have enjoyed watching her develop into a first rate singer/songwriter of Mississippi Blues. Shawn is one of Canada’s finest guitarists, and Mel Brown… well he was Mel Brown!

Mel’s kindness to me, and belief in me when I was trying to get Electro-Fi Records up off the ground will never be forgotten. Mel and Snooky Pryor’s decision to record for us, gave Electro-Fi instant Blues Cred, and that vote of confidence is one of the main reasons we are here, still doing what we love most of all, today.

Andrew Galloway



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