High Country Blues

Electro-Fi 3404
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Harrison Kennedy - All vocals, Acoustic 12 string & 6 string slide guitar, Kazoo, Shakers, Bass Porch Board, Tamborine
Keith "Happy" Lindsay - Accordian, Kalimba, Piano and Organ
Justin Dunlop - Contra Bass
Brian Griffith- Guitar

  Executive Producer: Andrew Galloway
Produced by Harrison Kennedy with Andrew Galloway and Alec Fraser
Recorded by Alec Fraser and Norm Barker at Studio 92, Toronto on May 30 and June 5, 2007
Mixed by Alec Fraser
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions
Design by Sydney Fernandez
Photography by Gary Collver
All songs composed by Harrison Kennedy - SOCAN 2007
Let Me Call You
Everybody Gets The Blues
High Country Blues
The Jones'
Run-A-Round Blues
Love Serenade
Baby Boy
U Meant It

Rollin' Man Blues
Don't Set Your Mind To Worryin'
I Got Your Number
Luv Work
Scratchin' Time
Blues From A Bottle
Get Up 'N' Go
Gonna Be Alright

From many countries they came, to this land folks called “the high country”. Wherever, however they got here, the common thread is “Africa”. Along the way we have absorbed and been absorbed into many lands and musical traditions. What you hear in this small offering, is that ancient soul, living now, in a dynamic relationship with the present.

“In a way, I guess you might say I am a bit like Pete Williams, a Louisiana bluesman, who had few links to any recognized tradition. Like him, I grew up almost altogether apart from the influences of my contemporaries. My music is more lived than studied.”

- Harrison Kennedy


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