Harrison Kennedy - Vocals, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, spoons, fife, percussion and bread pan
Keith 'Happy' Lindsay - Keyboards, acoustic piano
Alec Fraser - Percussion
Justin Dunlop - Electric bass, guitar (track 9)

Recorded by James Paul at Rogue Music Lab, Toronto on May 21st and 28th, 2013.
Additional recording (track 7) and mixed by Alec Fraser at Liquid, Toronto.
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions
Photography by Ivan Sorenson
Performance photo by Tracey Savein, South Paw Productions
Design by - Doug Mark
Produced by Harrison Kennedy with Alec Fraser and Andrew Galloway

Electro-Fi 3437
Audio Sample

Cat and Mouse Thang
Back Alley Moan
Crap Shooter Blues
Lookin' For Happy
Tight Grip
Chain Gang Holler


Sport Fishin'
Chairman Of The Board
Nothin' To Lose
2 Bullets Later
Caught You Creepin'
Nappy's Metaphysical Rag

Lookin’ For Happy
Oooh yes sometimes things, don’t go the way u want ‘em
Feels like u rollin’ down hill- goin’ straight to the bottom
Well one thing about the blues,
A lotta folks had ‘em, or got ‘em to lose
There are people everywhere, livin’ in a world of hate.
Ain’t got no money, held down by the hand of fate.
Rich folks give advice, but that ain’t nothin’ new
Putting money where their mouth is,
Last thing they do
If it don’t hurt nobody ‘n’, gets u thru the night,
If it feels good, If it feels good, alright
to be,
Lookin’ for happy… lookin’ for happiness
Lookin’ for happy… lookin’ for happiness
Just lookin’, for happy- happiness
Harrison Kennedy



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